Sunday, October 11, 2009

Self-Discovery ~ The Amazing Journey

Okay, so I have been blogging again for just a few days. It feels good, knowing I have someplace I can go and just be me again, for a little while.

If I am sad, I can say that I am sad.

If I am angry, I can rant and rave and throw things against my blog walls and do it all without ever damaging anyone. I love that feeling of freedom.

I started this blog and named it The Life and Times of The Other Woman. But this is about far more than being a mistress. It is about me, all of me. The good, the bad, the downright twisted. It is about finding out who I am, and who I want to be. It is about all the little steps, and giant leaps I make in the process of reaching that goal.

I think almost all blogs are like that.

A mission of self-discovery.

A beautiful journey. A scary journey. An amazing journey. But one we are often afraid to make alone.

By blogging, we aren't alone. Other's read what we write, and decide to hold our hands as we walk down a path we would otherwise have to walk alone.

It helps. That feeling of community.

When you feel weak, your new friends lend you some strength. When you are sad, they lend you some joy.

I have been reading a few blogs religiously since I have started blogging again.

One is Ex Hot Girl written by Jenn.

The other is Did I Just Eat That Outloud? written by Sue.

Both are ostensibly about a journey through weight loss. But if you read beyond the numbers, you will find that, they too, are on a road to self-discovery. They are finding out who they are, behind the weight. As they shed the pounds, they are working on the emotions behind the weight gain. They are finding the REAL person that they tried to hide behind the pounds. I see it, even if they don't. And let me say here, they are doing beautifully! They both seem to me to have beautiful souls, and if they haven't figured that out yet, they soon will.

When I started this blog, I truly feared that I would be attacked verbally for my weaknesses. I mean, here I am openly saying that I am in love with another woman's husband. I am admitting to an ongoing affair. I came here in a last ditch effort to have a place to be honest, but I really didn't expect it to work.

I have been visiting a website called which has a forum for people who are involved in extra marital affairs, supposedly for the OTHER to have a safe place to talk about what they are dealing with. I have sometimes found it helpful. But, the site is also frequented by the BS (betrayed spouses) who are often cruel and demeaning.

What a nice surprise for me that when I came here to blog, I VERY quickly met these two women who embraced me, and accepted me with all of my flaws. They can never know how much that means to me.

I am grateful to be on the path I am on. A path to find myself. A path to a better me. And how grateful I am to have such kind hearted people willing to walk next to me along the way.

That's all. Bye.


  1. I may be a guy but I like what you say about self-discovery. The quote "I am just a woman trying to figure out who I am, what I want, and where I am going" applies not only to women but to some men also. I too was on a journey of self-discovery and wrote a book about it "Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male" journey was as crazy and lonely as yours is...but I made it through with a little help from my you will. I am now a follower of yours to see where your life takes you. Those that understand always stand beside you.

  2. I love the honesty of your posts and how free you can be with your discovery and therefore help others. I am in a huge life transition, as everyone tells me wherever I turn, because I am recently divorced. My situation is unique in that we are still friends but there is a lot of love there still. I am not sure what it all means at tkis point but I know we needed to go down our own paths for now. I am rambling now, but just felt moved by your words....
    I am now following your blog and am looking forward to reading more with you on your journey.

  3. I just now saw this, after vacation am finally catching up on some blog reading. I think you're brave and strong to be putting yourself out there. And while many people haven't been the OTHER, I believe many people can relate to the other things you're going through. <3

    ~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)


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